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Кочуров Алексей Анатольевич

Commercial director

LLC «Crane equipment factory» expresses its respect and offers you production and delivery of a variety of spare parts and attachments for cranes and excavators.

Accumulated experience, modern production base, attention to partners, clear contractual obligations, high quality products allow us to look optimistically into the future, the development of partnerships and the expansion of the list of the equipment produced.

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Crane equipment factory

LLC "Crane equipment factory" is a dynamically developing company. The company employs highly qualified specialists who know and apply the production technology for over 15 years. Years of experience of professionals in the former factory and the continuous improvement of processes, allows the company to produce high-quality, simple and reliable to operate equipment that meets the established technological standards.
The minimum price is formed by a well-functioning production efficiency and flexible system of our specialists with customers. The assets of the plant is concentrated the powerful potential of the metalcutting equipment with a wide range of possibilities.

Name of production
Our enterprise supplies various parts for of hoisting equipment and crane equipment
2600 м2
Own production
Accumulated experience, contemporary production bases, attention to partners, clear contractual obligations
50 people
Qualified specialists
At the enterprise work highly skilled, knowledgeable and applying the production technology for over 15 years.

Organized its own production:

  • ring collector on crawler cranes series K-3100 and 3200, TAC-100 and 200, TCB;
  • ring collector excavators: K-5A, TAC-85, CTV also high;
  • a wide range of crane panels (PZKB, TR, DTA, KS, TCA, STD, etc.);
  • collectors crane current lead TC, TKN, as well as the current collector shta, SHTM;
  • trollederzhateli DT, DST, D, K series;
  • a full range of s / h for conductors, trolley lines (the section of K-580 and K-589, strap U1040, U1008 compensators trolley on to the U1014 and bus from K52 to K56);
  • Indices trolley K271 and K271N;
  • blocks resistors BRP Series, DBP, BRPF, BK12, B6, as well as resistance boxes KF-51G blocks and resistors BRC-12, BRR-8.
Sales of products
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