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Procuring section

We perform cutting of sheet metal thickness up to 20mm and a width of up to 3m, cutting round material diameter up to 400mm on a tape machine, cutting round material diameter up to 45mm on pressnozhnitsah, metal cutting gas

Mechanical section

We provide services for metal machining: turning, milling, coordinate, horizontal rasstochnaya, hobbing, stamping, polishing, hardening, manufacture of wheels, pulleys, gears, gear reduction, production of non-standard products according to customer drawings

Machining station

Accumulated experience, modern production base, attention to partners, clear contractual obligations, high quality products allow us to look optimistically into the future, the development of partnerships and the expansion of the list produced by the low-voltage equipment.

The instrumental section

We provide services for the production of dies, molds

Section manufacturing of plastics and rubber products

We produce consumer goods, molding of plastic products

The plot of galvanic coatings
Electric section

We provide services for the production of electrical control products

Foundry section

We provide services for the production of iron and steel products

Each unit of production «Crane equipment factory» subject to strict control at all stages of production and different:

  • high performance and efficiency;
  • greater uptime;
  • increased resistance to overloads;
  • compactness and optimal dimensions;
  • fire safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • convenience in operation.

The product quality «Crane equipment factory» regularly confirmed high ratings of Russian and foreign specialists.

Sought after products
The minimum price is formed by a well-functioning production efficiency and flexible system of our specialists with customers. The assets of the plant is concentrated the powerful potential of the metalcutting equipment with a wide range of possibilities.
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