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Series TKE. Фотография №1
Series TKE. Фотография №2

Series TKE

Pantograph type TKE14-5UHL2, TKE16-5UHL2, TKE23-5UHL2 designed to supply AC voltage of 6 kV with 360A of the lower frame on the rotating platform of the excavator, as well as for the supply of low-voltage electrical equipment, located on the lower frame (500 / 380V, 50 or 60Hz) and It consists of a high-voltage part (TKE0-5UHL1) and low-voltage parts.

Pantograph-type TKEsh 5UHL2 designed to supply AC voltage of 6000V 360A to the bottom of the frame on the turntable-type walking excavator ESH.

Pantograph type TKE0-5UHL1 designed for AC supply voltage of 6 kV 360A to the excavator by podklyuchitelnogo point through cable drum on the bottom frame.

Current collectors are working in an environment dusty coal, ore and other dust to dust, no more than 10mg / m3.

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