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Reductions Series RK, VK, RM, RCD, C2U

These devices are used in various arrangements in order to increase the torque and reduce the rotational speed that enables efficient operation and while prolonging the life of equipment. Each type of gear has its own specifications. They depend on many factors, chief among which is the purpose of specialization and the equipment in which it will work. The main characteristics of any such device is the power ratio, the number of steps, the angular velocity of the shaft, and the number of transmission efficiency.

The two-stage cylindrical gear reducer horizontal TS2U applied in a number of hoists.

Reducer VC - this vertical Gearboxes Crane, which is also used in hoisting equipment (cranes of various types).

Reducer RM is a cylindrical horizontal two-stage device. In contrast to the models described above, it is more versatile and widely used in engineering.

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