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Current collectors STA, STM. Фотография №1

Current collectors STA, STM

Crane conductor is used to smooth applying an electric power supply (power cable) to mobile lifting mechanisms, as well as a special attachment type equipment: electric hoists, overhead cranes, gantry, cantilever, crane girders of various types, and others.

The main trolley bridge crane consists of a service and repair stations. The mutual location of these sites in combination with the selected switching circuit apparatus determines crane trolleys. When you connect the crane-beam (bridge crane) and gantry cranes used crane trolley current lead (with rigid and flexible wires). Trolley conductors for power supply are placed along gantry rails. Open trolley wires made from rolled steel.

Crane conductive to the crane mounted on a metal bridge crane, crane insulators for beam or wall of a building. The difference in the trolley bus systems located outside or inside the building, is used in the properties of insulators. Current collector attached to special brackets, which are mounted on the metal bridge cranes.

The appearance in the 1970-1972 biennium. trolley bus ducts 200 and 400 A led to their replacement in some cases are not isolated main crane trolleys. Current collection is carried out by means of the wheel carriage moving inside the housing. The carriages are equipped with copper-graphite brushes. To enter the current collector trolley carriage in the busbar housing, a special section.

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