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Series MUVP

Production of crane wheels, gear couplings, pulleys, hooks, shafts, polispastnyh blocks. Repair (welding) crane wheels and other non-standard types of work, according to your drawings. Also, development and manufacture of dies and molds, stamping and molding operation of plastic products.

Scope for professional metalworking services, which also is our profile, extends not only to the Volga region, but also in all other regions of our country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in the neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Belarus.

If you need any metal, even the most non-standard products from metal, it is necessary to make unique products for your drawings, or products that are no longer produced by the manufacturer, but it is very Need - we'll help you. If you do not have a drawing and you do not know how to do, but you have your broken part and you need to make a new one - just contact us, our professional team can easily meet all your needs, from the sketch to the finished product. Even if you need only one metal products - this is not a problem, we are working with orders from one piece, than favorably with hulking large enterprises in metal and public sector companies, burdened with red tape. Or even if you do not need to make products entirely from scratch, and you just need some metalworking operations (grooving, grinding, boring, etc.), we always render you such services. At our facilities, we perform all the most necessary and popular types of metalworking - turning, milling, grinding, boring, and more.

Coupling - detail of this team, which serves to connect rotating shafts.

MH clutch gears are used to transmit torque from the motor to the shaft or from one shaft to another with permissible angular displacement. Gear couplings are classified as Expansion joints.

The elastic bush MUVP bolt coupling consists of two coupling halves. The elasticity of the connection is achieved by bolts finger wearing the leather washers or rubber sleeves.

The cam disc coupling CD - a device designed to connect two shafts. It consists of flanges fixed to the ends of the shafts (otherwise referred to as the coupling halves) and the intermediate disc, which has on both sides transverse protrusions rectangular profile.

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