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Frame brakes. Фотография №1

Frame brakes

Recommended retail price
от 5 300 rub.
60.97 54.21

The brake shoe is designed to stop and hold mechanisms shafts (mainly handling machines) in a braked state with non-operating drive. The brakes are installed in a vertical position (horizontal position of the brake pulley axis and a base for mounting the brakes) on the mechanisms operating in fire risk environment. When installed on the mechanisms working outdoors, the brakes must be protected by a casing from falling rain and the action of solar radiation.

The brakes are installed electromagnets such as MO (AC). Reels of the electromagnets are designed for voltage: 220 V AC 380.550. The electromagnets are designed for intermittent mode, allow up to 300 cycles per hour.

Type of brake The diameter of the brake pulley D, mm Braking moment


PV=25%, PV=40% PV=100% Type Voltage, V
ТКТ-100 100 20 11 МО-100




ТКТ-200 200 157 78 МО-200
ТКТ-300 300 412 167 МО-300
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